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Los Panchos

Kau Kan section of Zozaya Arquitectos real state #livebyzar

Go with the flow
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In the paradisiac Saladita Beach, one of the best surf destinations in the world for beginners and pros, Los Panchos features an exclusive community for surfers dreaming on having a piece of heaven on earth. Nestled on the Pacific Coast amidst tropical jungle and the ocean in a gorgeous peninsula just a few meters from the point break.

  • La Saladita Bay View

  • Beach Access

  • 87 m² to 173 m² (1374 ft² to 1862 ft²)

  • 1 & 3 Bedroom




Hidden between the lush tropical vegetation these stylishly sustainable beach villas offer absolute privacy. Located on the beachfront, with a panoramic upper deck and direct beach access. Enjoy the luxury in outdoor rain showers or an intimate afternoon sunbathing in the sun.