Zozaya Arquitectos I Mexican Architecture I Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo

Kau Kan 1

Kau Kan section of Zozaya Arquitectos real state #livebyzar

Your dream bay view home.


In Mayan Kau Kan means “magical place”.  Zozaya seeks to add yet another “magical place” to his illustrious list of luxury creations. Zozaya has created a Bay View concept of low maintenance and sustainable development by using bamboo and tropical proof materials which provide eye catching design, practical living and comfort. KauKan 1, will offer exclusive one bedroom condos.

  • Zihuatanejo Bay View

  • Beach Access

  • 84 m² to 92 m² (904 ft² to 990 ft²)

  • 1 Bedroom




The condos are designed to give priority to the views making wide and open spaces. Comfortable and cozy one bedroom condos, easy to clean an and very low maintenance cost.