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Estilo Zihuatanejo

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Estilo Zihuatanejo

When we analyze travel photos or images of different destinations we note that there are some places that are easy to identify and difficult to confuse because of their unique characteristics. These characteristics make them desirable and especially memorable because of their ability to awaken a sense of identity.

There are cities with landmarks and attractions such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Colosseum in Rome; but there are other places where the whole city has a definite and unique character. We can see the island of Santorini in Greece where we easily find white, sand and blue colors, smooth walls and domes in most of its buildings making it a world class destination. O Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the few original buildings had a clarity of style based on the adobe walls and wooden beams on ceilings that continued to become the style of the city's buildings.

During a relaxed afternoon (very common in Zihuatanejo), we happened to take pictures of the bay from a parachute driven by the boat of our friend Gonzalo in La Ropa beach, where we discovered that most of the buildings from La Ropa beach to the beach Wood has a clear and identifiable style that would have developed over the last 20 years in local constructions, not following a series of rules but the logical and efficient use of climate, views, local materials and spaces that allow for a style of integrated life to the Bay of Zihuatanejo.

The "Estilo Zihuatanejo" that includes architectural elements that have been formed around it, the materials used, the advantages of integrating the buildings to the landscape and the stable climate of Zihuatanejo, promoting this style to future buildings in order to run the image of our bay with the world making Zihuatanejo a recognized port as a world-class destination for its unique identity and atmosphere.

Along the bay you can recognize the "Estilo Zihuatanejo", whose characteristics have been shaped by several key elements:                                                                


These first elements determine the cementation of open constructions with great proximity to the sea, which causes a unique lifestyle.


The protection of the bay allows us to be part of the cliffs.



The perfect weather of the Pacific allows us to develop open spaces, integrated to the landscape.


The second element is the use of local materials, these define and unify colors and textures of the buildings in Zihuatanejo.

LOCAL labor

The third element is the workmanship of our construction craftsmen who have really made a difference. Only in Zihuatanejo do they know how to put Brazil stick, make palapa with pepalitos, make pasta and polished floors with integrated colors.