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La Ola in Saladita Beach

Its been called “Ubilam”, which is “Malibu” backwards. Originally it was given that name because the wave is as great as malibu, but instead of being a right point break, it’s a left. But having lived in both southern california and the costa grande of guerrero, i know that its not only the surf break that is 180° different and what draws a lot of people to want to live here.

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Zihuatanejo surfing spots

In order to find the right surfing destination, one has to consider a lot of different factors. After all, it's not just about how big the waves are, though that's certainly a big part of it. Historically, Ixtapa has been a gold-mine for surfers looking for the perfect spot, and year after year, more gems in Ixtapa were uncovered.

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