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Eco Tianguis, Zihuatanejo

In 2013, a group of restless and proactive people joined us for this project that is currently in force and growing, a place where ecological, handcrafted, local, organic and regional products are offered. Led by Nick Wolf, the team that initially had five participants has been growing with new ones that are mostly artists and small producers.

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Estilo Zihuatanejo I Zozaya Arquitectos

The "Estilo Zihuatanejo" includes architectural elements that have been formed around it, the materials used, the advantages of integrating the buildings to the landscape and the stable climate of Zihuatanejo, promoting this style to future buildings in order to run the image of our bay with the world making Zihuatanejo a recognized port as a world-class destination for its unique identity and atmosphere.

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Punta Majahua I Sustainable Design

Punta Majahua is the perfect place to switch off from stressful lives and relax facing the hypnotic waves of the Pacific coast, exclusive beachfront condos located on the beautiful Troncones, Mexico, this meticulous 2.5 Acre peninsula is located in between Manzanillo and Majahua beach allowing all of its condos to enjoy one of the most spectacular ocean views. Not only is Punta Majahua the perfect destination for you but also you will be a part of a new sustainable and happy community.

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