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Eco Tianguis, Zihuatanejo

In 2013, a group of restless and proactive people joined us for this project that is currently in force and growing, a place where ecological, handcrafted, local, organic and regional products are offered. Led by Nick Wolf, the team that initially had five participants has been growing with new ones that are mostly artists and small producers. What is the main purpose of Ecotianguis Sanka? Contribute, educate, promote the love of the "home-made", promote the local production of products and food, raise awareness about the overexploitation of our environment and the need to change to the ecological. Every Saturday, join us at the patio in front of the Vicente Guerrero Elementary School (behind the museum) Colonia Centro from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. You will find organic, handcrafted, agro-ecological products, music, information, workshops, food and more. Every Saturday we have invited volunteers who share their music, as well as workshops given by different producers or guests, children will love activities such as games, recycling workshops or chess. Undoubtedly, Ecotianguis Sanka has become an icon of the port, a must for all visitors and of course the locals, thus promoting sustainability.

Do you like the idea? You can join if you want to offer your artistic, artisan, organic product, there is always a space for more.

Volunteers are accepted