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The whale season has already begun. Come and enjoy this spectacle of nature.

Ixtapa is all about sun, sand, and shimmering seas Head by water taxi to Isla Ixtapa, where you can snorkel in calm, blue-green water at Coral Beach and sip icy cerveza at beachside cafes. Take a whale-watching cruise aboard the catamaran Picante in Zihuatanejo Bay to glimpse California grey and humpback whales—then dive into the sea to listen to whale songs.

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Estilo Zihuatanejo I Zozaya Arquitectos

The "Estilo Zihuatanejo" includes architectural elements that have been formed around it, the materials used, the advantages of integrating the buildings to the landscape and the stable climate of Zihuatanejo, promoting this style to future buildings in order to run the image of our bay with the world making Zihuatanejo a recognized port as a world-class destination for its unique identity and atmosphere.

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